Our Mission

  • To promote organic (chemical-free) and natural (whole, unrefined, unadulterated) products to maintain the earth and people healthy.
  • Encourage local small farmers and organic farming.
  • Employ with dignity.

Our Vision

KOPPL aims aggregating organic produce from local farmers and processing it to make pesticide free food products for consumers. Our Company assists from getting the soil tested to procurement of funds for setting up their farming infrastructure. We put the power back in our farmer’s hand.

To be a Vehicle of Consciousness in the worldwide market by establishing a holistic, endurable industry modality, which inspires, promotes and supports real wellness and honour for all beings and Mother Nature.

Grow Not Made

Kings’ Organic products are always certified organic because we understand that organic farming helps consumers, farmers, and ecosystems. Our endurable ingredient sourcing strategy intends for not only to lessen harm but to organize a positive effect by regenerating natural resources and farming organizations.

The Farm

KOPPL guide selected farmers carefully and train them to practice environmentally friendly cultivation techniques. From the chemical-free soil to the hand-picked Seeds, everything you see is organically produced to give you the highest quality produce. We check the quality of the soil, the cultivation method, the current crop rotation and the nutrient content of the soil. In doing so, we make sure that the selected region has suitable weather and temperature conditions. We follow a number of practices such as soil fertility management, seed collection, habituated system, composting, water management, crop rotation and composure, which are extremely efficient and regenerative.

The Factory

With a combination of traditional and advanced machinery, we have efficient functionality. To fight infestation, all products are stored in a hygienic environment and fumigated with CO2. Our advanced dehydration procedures and technologies ensure that all of our products remain at their best. Our products are dehydrated in a dry and sterile environment to avoid the risk of any of various biologically active degradation compounds. We have a special mechanism to obtain the matrix of bioactive molecules that all products have through low temperature grinding. What we offer you as a finished product is of the highest quality, pure and natural.

The Kitchen

Just a few additional ingredients, our secret blend of spices and you get the thick, rich King’s Organic Products which is loved by Peoples, ready for the bottle, and your Kitchen, and Dinner table. You can enjoy hygienically packaged food that retains all the benefits of organic food without chemical interference.